Pack 23 Summer Jam Lineup

Open Turret July 26

A new event added to the summer schedule is Open Turret at the Military Museum of Southern New England. Outside the museum there are over 45 military vehicles that the scouts will be able to climb in and explore. Inside there are two galleries that have permanent displays of their M-18 Tank Destroyer, M-8 Armored Car, WW-I M-1917 Tank, M-22 Locust tank, a Topolino auto, and a 105-mm Howitzer. These vehicles tell the history of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and stories about the different branches of the Armed Services. Tickets are just $4 for scouts and siblings, $6 for adults. Bring rubber soled shoes and a camera!


The Military Museum of Southern New England is located at 125 Park Avenue, Danbury, CT. Plan to arrive at 10 a.m. and stay as long as you want. Please contact Joe Prespare if you plan on attending.

Last year the scouts of Pack 23 sold over $3,000 of Popcorn in a single afternoon. We kickoff the money earning activities of Pack 23 earlier than any other unit with this years Popcorn Blitz. We hope to earn over last years amount with show and sell activities. This years Popcorn Blitz will be on Saturday, August 23. Scouts will sell door to door with product in hand or at locations throughout the valley where our scouts can help earn money for the Pack which goes to pay for the camp outs and other fun activities through out the year. 


Scouts will then get back together later in the day for a huge pizza fest to celebrate the kick off of the new year and the end of summer! Location and time is in the works, but check back here for more exciting information to come.

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